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Translation Services
At Seven Star we provide quick and economic solutions for all types and kinds of translations this includes certified legal translation as well. We are certified and have an excellent team of young and experienced experts in translation to translate documents into the language of your preference.

We are also experts in crafting client-specific specialized translation solutions. We can translate a website content for you. We can proofread and edit documents if required. We also help with legal immigration documents translation, interpretation, subtitling, and much more.

All you need to do is visit us for your legal translation services in Qatar and we will deal with it in a timely and professional manner.

We can translate English to Arabic or Translate Arabic to English or any language of your preference.
Legal Translation
Our team of certified translation experts is linguistically proficient and well-versed with texts in the field of law. We understand that law is a culture-dependent subject and must be handled with clear communication and transparency.

Our experts ensure that our Legal Translation Services in Dubai are at par with the best in the world, and wherever you go, our legal translation will pass the quality test easily.

Our team of skilled translators is best suited to translate your legal documents. Our legal translations can help protect you or your business from the legal consequences of bad translation. We have a team who are focused on legal translation

Our clients are law firms, local businesses, schools, hospitals, and individuals. As part of our translation, we ensure the best legal terminologies are used. Our translations can be certified and notarized for government approval, and readily acceptable for official use. Our translations include contracts, agreements, arbitration documents, certificates, litigation documents, and all types of legal documents.

Our team is highly experienced to translate, proofread, and interpret your documents. We use the best of technology, staff, and management to ensure the best of the result.
General Translation
Our experienced translation team can translate any type of documents. These might not need a high worded or technical translation. However, they are dealt with the same seriousness. We do not compromise on the quality of the output we provide. We can help you with rush orders or immediate translations too.

Our translation services focus on but are not limited to leaflets, advertisements, meeting minutes, agendas, memorandums, letters, conference speeches. We look for long-term relationships and we always strive to deliver the best content at the most reasonable rates.
Media Content Translation
Content meant for public consumption which can be published more to a globalized society needs to keep in mind cultural sensitivities and words. A word can totally change its meaning depending on the context.

Working on media content or content meant for public consumption, we research the background and the context of the material being translated. Good content translated well means touching the heart of their audiences. We help localize the content. Make it understandable and appealing. Thus ensure the information does not backfire because of bad translations or lack of relevant words.
Website Translation
Websites in Qatar need to be bilingual which is English and Arabic to cater to the Arabic clients who understand Arabic content well.

We translate all the content of your website so that the same message without any ambiguity, is provided in English and Arabic or any other language of your choice. We also ensure the right keywords are used in the content for your website to be optimized well on Google for other language searches.

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