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Company Formation Services in Qatar
Company Formation Services offered by Seven Star in Qatar is quite straight forward given the fact that most of the process is digitized. Being a new entrant into the market, we can help you with company registration, setup, and establishment. We have a team of experts also offering PRO services and government liaison. Leave the company formation worry to us.

Qatar’s economic strength and great encouragement by the Government makes Qatar an attractive place to conduct business. In the recent years Qatar has moved towards self sufficiency with signing up solid international trade agreements with numerous countries and has welcomed foreign investments. “Make in Qatar” an initiative by Qatar has seen many manufacturing businesses mushrooming in Qatar. New company registration by expats is very much encourage in Qatar and process has been simplified.
Options for Setting up New Company or Registering a New Business in Qatar
A new business in Qatar can be registered under different types “With Limited Liability” (WLL), Branch Office, Representative Office, Free Zone and Commercial Agent (Exclusive Distributor). As an entrepreneur, you have the choice to start up a business

Whereas, in a WLL Company the Qatari partners share is a must and has to be a minimum of 51%. This can be a single Qatari partner of multiple Qatari partners as long as the majority shares are owned by the Qatari Partners. While the process for setting up a new company or forming a new business in Qatar, is something that you can do yourself, we would recommend that you hire a company like Seven Star to establish the business for you.

There could be changes in regulations and laws. It is important that you check with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. However, the Documents required for setting up or forming a company are the following.
  • CR – Commercial Registration document.
  • TR – Trade License.
  • Computer Card for issuing Residence Permits (RP) for your new hires.
1. Commercial Registration (CR) in Qatar for forming or setting up a new company
Commercial Registration (CR) for registering a new company is the first document required in the process to set up your business in Qatar. Being issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, it is a document that confirms the legal entity of the business along with the company name the shareholders. This is the first step for the setting up or formation of a company.

The documents required for the Company Registration are a copy of the trade name approved by the Ministry, a letter from the bank confirming that the minimum capital for the company has been deposited, the articles of association’s approved. The company registration is valid for 1 year and renewable every year.

There could be changes in regulations and laws. It is important that you check with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. However, the Documents required for setting up or forming a company are the following.
a. Trade Name
Choose a trade name for your business. It is advised to at least have 5 alternatives as the names might be taken already and a choice of names to decide from can always help you and save time. You will however need to pay QR 1,000 in excess if your company name does not have an Arabic meaning to it. The registration fee is based on the scope of the business
b. Articles of Incorporation
Once the Trade Name is approved, you will need to get the articles of incorporation signed and approved by the ministry. The Article of Incorporation will define its objective, rights and liabilities of the partners, method of distributing profit and loss, company management and others. This is a standard document that is available in form of a template and any changes or inclusions will need approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Customizing the Articles of Incorporation might delay the process of setting up or forming your new company.
c. The Commercial Registration (CR)
On procuring the Trade Name and the Article of Incorporation, the same documents can be submitted for the issuance of a CR. The business activity has to be specified and each activity has a specific annual fee renewable every year.

If the specific trade you plan does not have an equivalent category available at the licensing office, you will need to select the closest trade related to what you want to do. You will also need prior approval for certain business activities. Activities like medical, education, religion related and others need approvals from the related ministries. This can create a small delay in the process of setting up or formation of the new company as approvals from other ministries have their own processes. Seven Start Trading can help you with that

Once all the formalities are completed, respective fees need to be paid and the share holders need to be physically present with their IDs to sign the required documents and the Company registration is awarded to the business and you are registered Qatar as a legitimate business and you are almost close to complete setting up or formation of your company.

Once your CR is issued you are allowed to open a corporate bank account and banks will help you with that. You are allowed to trade, invoice and accept payments and fees for products sold or services undertaken
2. Trade License for setting up or registering a new company
Once your Commercial Registration (CR) is availed, next is the Trade License. The Trade License is a must for you to pick up office space approved by the Ministry of Economy and commerce.

After receiving your CR, you need to get a Trade License, in order to have an office space that’s approved by the MEC. The Trade License might take some time and the process begins with a application filled on the ministry of Economy and Commerce website. This needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Economy and commerce with all the requisite documents that are part of the process of setting up or formation of your company.
  • ID copies of the authorized persons in your business.
  • CR Copy.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Picture of your office building with the address and location blue plate and picture of your office space along with the signage showing your business name.
  • Building completion certificate and a copy of the ID of the building owner of where your office is situated.
  • Rental acknowledgment, ownership instrument and Civil Defense approval of your office once it is set up. Keep in mind there are civil defence regulations to the office set up

Once the above documents are submitted and confirmation received by you through an SMS, an officer from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce will make visit your office for a physical inspection. The whole process can take somewhere between 1 to 4 weeks.

On successful inspection of the premise, you will receive a message that your Trade License is ready for collection. The trade license can be collected by paying the fees for the trade license which works to approximately QR.600. With this, you have your Trade license which is the second step to setting up or forming your new company.

3. Computer Card
Once you have the CR and the Trade license in your position you want to start operations and for this you need to hire new staff. To hire staff, you need a computer card. The computer card is issued by immigration and not the ministry of Economy and Commerce.

A Computer Card records the name and Id of the signing authority of nominated by the company. However, the Qatari partner has to be mentioned in the computer card. Ensure you have a company stamp as per the regulation and this can be used for all your documents and paperwork. To produce a company stamp for your company the printing press you go to for the stamp will require CR, Trade License and ID copies of the shareholders. The company stamp will not take much time and does not cost much.

When you apply for the computer card at the immigration office please ensure you have the requisite documents with you which include a Duly filled application form with the names of the personnel you want on the computer card.
  • CR copy.
  • Trade License copy
  • IDs of all the share holders in the company including the ids of the individuals who will be mentioned on the computer card.
  • You can also add on the computer card employees you have hired the same formality will be followed.

Once the Computer Card is ready you can hire employees legally and issue residence permits as per the laws of Qatar immigration and you are all set to go. This completes your third and final step for setting up or forming your new company.


In conclusion

  • Firstly, obtain your trade name & Article of Association approved by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
  • Secondly, Submit trade name copy and article of association for issuance of the CR.
  • Third, On obtaining the CR, fill Trade License application form and submit it to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and obtain the Trade License
  • Finally, apply for the computer card at Qatar Immigration and obtain the computer card.
  • It is always good to have your company registered with the Qatar Chamber.
  • You can also set up a new company in Qatar Financial Centre, and the rules are quite different as it comes under the Ministry of Finance of Qatar

Seven Star Trading, can make this establishing or setting up of your business seamless by taking the responsibility on your behalf.

Why form a company in Qatar?
Qatar’s economy and development strategy have made the state a safe haven for many new company formations and attracted many entrepreneurs from across the world to start their businesses in Qatar. Qatar’s investment, banking, infrastructure, political and social stability contributed highly in establishing an ideal environment for new businesses.
New company registration or company formation in qatar (including sponsorship)
New company formation and company registration in Qatar (including sponsorship) primarily goes through the following steps:
  • Search & Decide the name of the company
  • Association procedures & Documentation
  • Capital Deposit provisions & Documentation
  • Obtaining Approvals for company formation
  • Authentication of Articles of Association/Documentation
  • Commercial Registration to register the company
  • Bank Account
  • Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce
  • Company Seal
  • Obtaining Trade License
  • Obtaining Signage License etc.
How to setup a new company in Qatar
Company formation can be executed in different types. In addition, one can set up business in Qatar such as the following:
  • Partnership Company
  • Limited Partnership Company
  • Particular Partnership Company
  • Shareholding Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Single Person Company
  • Holding Company
The government of Qatar is appreciative of foreign investments in the country, in all sectors of the economy and they do provide their full support for company formation. The Qatar Development bank has certain business supporting activities for startups. The incorporated companies in Qatar for foreign investors are With Limited Liability (W.L.L). However, In most cases, foreign investors require one or more Qatari partners to be involved in the company registration and also stand as the majority shareholders. The Qatari partner would typically hold 51% of the shares of the company and the other investors would own the remaining 49%. A separate profit share arrangement can then be made which will not necessarily reflect on the shareholding agreements. All the legal & documentation procedures associated with a company formation in Qatar are taken care of, assisted by Seven Star located at Muntazah with efficiency and reliability. provides you with information on the investment opportunities in Qatar
About Seven Star Trading & General Services
Seven Star Trading & General Services located at Muntazah, Doha, Qatar has a team of knowledgeable, prompt, and reliable staff who are led by the company’s committed and passionate Founder & Managing Director, Mrs. Hanan Al Taweel. We specialize in assisting the private business sector within the State of Qatar. We do this by performing the necessary steps to legalize and establish our clients’ firm(s) as well as their employees’ statuses thus helping in company formation

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