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Certificate Attestation
Attestation refers to the declaration of the genuineness and validity of a particular statement. Attestation of certificates and documents is one of the essential prerequisites of employment in Qatar.

The State of Qatar requires all employees or persons interested in setting up any business in Qatar to submit attested documents and related certificates. The process of attestation requires scrutiny at various levels. At Seven Star Trading and General Services, we provide all services related to attestation and corroboration of certificates and documents.
Why do you need to attest your certificates in Qatar?
Attestation of documents and certificates is the proof of genuineness and legality of the statements made therein. The State of Qatar requires attested certificates and documents of employees to be submitted to the Ministry of Interiors.

Documents and certificates for visa applications are required to be verified and attested. The different types of documents that require attestation in Qatar are divided into three categories:
  • Personal documents
  • Educational documents
  • Commercial documents
The State of Qatar requires prospective employees to submit attested copies of all essential documents. Attestation is also required while forming companies in Qatar. Attested certificates and documents prove that the matter contained therein are bonafide and credible. Such attested documents are considered true and can be permitted to be used as proof for securing employment or establishing any business in Qatar.
Procedure for Certificate Attestation
The Government of Qatar requires all certificates and documents to be attested by the home country before being validated by different departments in the State of Qatar.

There are different processes of validation of documents in Qatar, based on the purpose
Personal Document attestation
Personal document authentication is the process of certification of personal documents such as marriage certificates, passports, birth certificates, visa among others.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Experience certificate.
  • Divorce certificate.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Death certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Medical certificates.
  • Educational document attestation.

Educational documents are the documents certifying an applicant’s educational qualification and institute from where the qualification is achieved.

  • Degree certificates.
  • Diploma certificates.
  • SSLC certificates.
  • HSC certificates.
Commercial Document Attestation
These documents are required for setting up business establishments or doing trade in the State of Qatar.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Trade license.
  • Invoice
  • Certificate of Registration.
Seven Star Trading and General Services is regarded as one of the most preferred pro services companies in Qatar providing attestation and authentication of all personal, commercial as well as educational certificates in Qatar
How many days does it take for Certificate Attestation in Qatar?
At Seven Star Qatar, we believe in providing quick services to our customers. Attestation of documents and certificates in Qatar depends on the type of document required to be attested.

We provide a definite timeline for the authentication of certificates. Our clients are informed well in advance of the date of delivery of attested certificates.
Why choose Seven Star as your trusted service provider?
Seven Star has been in the business of providing quality attestation services for more than 10 years. Our expert knowledge and experience in the field has earned us the name of being one of the best attestation service providers in Qatar
Fast and Reliable Services
We provide fast & reliable services when it comes to attestation of your documents. Clients can be rest assured that their documents and certificates are in safe and secure hands. Our quick actions have allowed us to perform far beyond client expectations.
Free Pick up & Drop Service
Our team of dynamic and enthusiastic service partners ensures that your documents are collected from the source, attested, and delivered back to you without delays.
We, at Seven Star, are known for our quality services. We are proficient in handling multiple documentation services with ease and accuracy.
Customer Convenience
We believe that customers are pivotal to our business. Our team ensures customer satisfaction and convenience at all levels of service. We maintain transparency in our processes with our clients.
As part of our endeavour to provide hassle-free customer services, we offer one-click attestation services to our clients. Clients are required to fill in the form, stating the documents to be attested. Our team will take over from there, reverting with attested and authenticated documents at your doorstep.

The attestation procedure in Qatar stipulates the need for certain valid documents: Documents required for Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:
  • Passport copy
  • Bonafide letter
  • Final year mark sheet
  • Consolidated mark sheet

Documents required for Non-Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:

  • Passport copy
  • Original certificate
Attestation in Qatar
A certificate is an official document that states that the information contained in it is true. Attestation of the certificate gives the certificate authenticity and validity.

Attestation is the process where a legal and binding authority validates the genuineness of certificates, documents, or deeds. The process of attestation of documents renders the document reliable and definitive. The attesting body will verify and confirm the content before placing a seal or signature, as attestation on the documents. This confirms the accuracy of the matter contained in the documents.

We provide all document and certificate attestation services in Qatar. We are regarded as one of the best attestation services companies in Qatar.
Attestation by the Qatar Embassy
Qatar embassy attestation provides genuine authenticity to certificates and documents. Embassy attestation of certificates is an important requirement for immigrants in Qatar. However, embassy attestation includes long procedures and cumbersome processes.

We, at Seven Star, endeavour to eliminate these long procedures by providing our customers with fast and reliable embassy attestations. Embassy Attestation in Qatar is required for many purposes.

Some common purposes which require Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:
  • Employment in Qatar
  • Migration
  • Educational purposes
  • To start a business in Qatar
  • For obtaining a residential visa in Qatar

Certificate attestation is a prerequisite for any profile such as education, medical, employment, or business in Qatar. As attestation of certificates legalizes or validates documents, the process is significant and consequential. All attested certificates are legal and binding and can be used by the applicant for various purposes in Qatar.

At Seven Star Trading and General Services, we provide genuine attestation services for various purposes. With a long list of satisfied customers, we are regarded as the most trusted attestation service provider in Qatar.

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